About Wilson Manufacturing and Design, Inc.

Wilson Welding Company, Inc. was founded in 1947, based on the concepts of integrity, innovativeness and service. Now as Wilson Manufacturing & Design, Inc., these concepts continue to be an integral part of our business, insisting that every commitment be met. This commitment to serve our customers and continue as leaders in equipment design is at the heart of Wilson Manufacturing’s success.

These concepts have led Wilson Manufacturing into many new areas. Through this innovativeness and the desire to solve new bulk material handling systems problems, Wilson’s has computer designed many of its products to serve our customer better and faster. Wilson’s has become a leader in larger terminal design for both inland and water terminals. We have also created many new and innovative portable and stationary pieces of equipment for direct rail transfer, such as the Articulating Conveyors and Wilson’s Pneumatic Transfer Units.

Wilson’s Articulating Conveyors

Wilson’s Articulating Conveyors offer a unique rail-to-truck transfer. Each unit is a complete transfer unit. An electric panel, dust collector, telescoping loadout spout, and gasketed rail car adapters are just a few of the standard features. In order to handle a wide range of bulk materials, Wilson now manufactures three types of these units. Conveying is done with either a screw, belt, or chain depending on the material and application. Units are available with either electric or diesel power packages.

Complete Project Design

In addition to Wilson’s fine portable equipment, we also manufacture and design many permanent types of equipment. This equipment ranges from direct rail-to-truck units to complete unit train, barge terminals, or ship terminals. Wilson’s not only can design and manufacture these facilities, but can handle turnkey projects including site work, installation, set-up, testing, and operator training.

Wilson’s Pneumatic Transfers

Wilson’s Pneumatic Transfer units are fast becoming the industry standard. No other machine can match the important features that these units offer. The units have a transfer rate of over 30 tons per hour and can be completely cleaned in 15 minutes for transfer of a different product. The units can be controlled either from the ground or from the top of the truck at the operator’s discretion. And, of course, the unit is completely portable and can travel from car to car, or to the wash down area at a maximum speed of five miles per hour.

Wilson Manufacturing stands ready to assist you in making your next terminal project a reality and is more than willing to assist you in solving your bulk material problems.

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Our Projects

Frac Sand Unloading & Storage

Location: Horseheads, NY
Materials: Sand
Material Handling Rate: 400TPH

Rail Unloading Storage and Truck Loading Facility

Location: Shattuck, OK
Materials: Frac Sand
Material Handling Rate: 600TPH

Barge Loading

Location: Bedford, KY
Materials: Gypsum
Material Handling Rate: 500 TPH

Unit Train Unloading Terminal Built for Productivity.

Location: Petersburg, VA
Materials: Potash
Material Handling Rate: 500 TPH minimum transfer capacity

Waterway Transfer Terminal

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Materials: Lime
Material Handling Rate: 300 TPH minimum

Ship Unloading Terminal and Loadout Facility

Location: Chesapeake, VA
Materials: Fertilizer
Material Handling Rate: 1000TPH

Potash Unit Train Unloading

Location: Madison Wisconsin
Materials: Potash
Material Handling Rate: 500TPH

Frac Sand Unloading & Storage

Location: Cleburne, TX
Materials: Sand
Material Handling Rate: 400TPH

Barge Loading

Location: Owensboro, KY
Materials: Gypsum
Material Handling Rate: 500 TPH

Barge Unloading & Rail Car Loading

Location: Evansville, IN
Materials: Iron Carbide
Material Handling Rate: 400 TPH minimum